Who can translate my documents into English for the Australian Embassy?

28 May 2015

If you are applying for Australian citizenship or planning to work or study in Australia and your documents are in French or Spanish they will need to be accompanied by a certified English translation.

A translator in Australia must be accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. However, a translator outside Australia does not need to be accredited, but they must endorse the translation with their full name, address, telephone number, and details of their qualifications and experience in the language being translated.

What to do if I think my translator made a mistake

13 January

Most certified translators translate your work correctly but sometimes they may not. For example, they may translate some terms without taking into account the legal system of the source or target language. This could affect your case before the Court.

If you think that your translator has not taken reasonable care and has made a mistake, in some circumstances you can ask for a revision of your translation. If your translator refuses to review their work or you can't trust this translator because their lack of experience, you can also seek for independent advice contacting a new translator with more experience in the legal field.

Should I trust a cheap translation?

26 November

I sometimes get some clients who tell me my prices are higher than somewhere else's. When I tell them about the process of translation most of them decide to use my services. Now I'm going to share with you why you should only trust an experienced linguist who is going to devote a reasonable amount of time to your translation.

Yesterday I offered a quote to a new client for the translation from English to Spanish of a website. This particular website has a lot of content to translate. So I spent a good two hours to prepare a reasonable but fair quote. He didn't agree with the quote but he was honest and open about it. He told me someone else ... >> Read more