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Sure, finding a cheap translation agency or translator will not be so difficult, but finding one that is affordable and yet delivers superb quality may not be that easy. I specialise in legal translation but I also offer commercial translation to businesses that require ongoing translation services. I’m sure you will find the following information useful.

I generally do not have large amounts to translate. What is the speed of response?

I'd like to know what you are looking for so that I can try to accommodate to your needs. The speed of response can vary depending on the complexity and length of the text.

Within what timescale do you normally manage to translate?

On average, I can translate 500 words per hour and 4,000 words per day. However, when working on a project requiring extra effort I could translate upto 6,000 words per day.

Can you please confirm that the translation will be done by a native Spanish language speaker?

I confirm I will do the translation. I'm a native Spanish speaker, from Barcelona.

What are your rates for translations?

My rates for translation of a standard text are: £0.04/word. My rates for translation of a technical/specialized text are: £0.06.

Please send me your document to so that I can give you an exact quote.

I have a client in Spain. I need the translation of many short emails, within what timescale do you normally manage to translate?

On average, I deliver translations of short emails in less than 24 hours as most clients require their translations within this time scale.

Why do UK businesses need a translation service in Spanish and French?

Spain and the UK are major trading partners. Over 900 UK companies operate in Spain. Over 700 Spanish companies have invested in the UK, including household names such as Santander and Zara. France has a population of 65 million and It is the 4th largest export market for the UK with some £32 billion worth of exports per year.

Products and services must meet relevant EU safety standards. These include clear instructions on proper use and warnings against misuse. Local standards and technical regulations may apply. You should seek legal advice or guidance from the appropriate regulatory agency in Spain or France.Check the Spanish Chamber of Commerce or the French Chamber of Commerce website for more about regional standards and technical regulations.

Labelling for all food and drinks products must be in Spanish in Spain and French in France. Labels must include: the expiration date, country of origin and all ingredients and instructions. Exports of food and agricultural products to Spain and France are guided by specific regulations. Read the Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) report for full details. A local distributor will be able to help with advice regarding import and other regulations in Spain and France.

Rather than limit yourself only to English language websites and newspapers for buying and selling secondhand items in Spain or France, why not give eBay’s Spanish and French sites a try? After El Corte Ingles, eBay is the second most visited website in Spain. Remember that people also sell items that don’t actually work (often bought to use for spare parts), so if you’re worried about not understanding all the description in Spanish or French it’s a good idea to use a translator. Most sellers on eBay will answer any question you may have quite quickly –if you have any doubts ask before bidding.

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