Translation of Death Certificate

I can provide you with a certified translation of your Death Certificate
in Spanish, French and English.

Your Death certificate will be accepted by the UK Courts of Law, Border Agency, consulates, and many other organisations and institutions in the UK and abroad.

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Death Certificate in Spain and France

In the case of Spain and France, the death certificate issued by the local authorities will be sufficient for all purposes in the UK but a translation may be required if it is not in English.

You need to register a death with the local authorities in the country where the person died. In many countries you can also register the death with the UK authorities.

In order to bring the body home you will need to get a certified English translation of the death certificate and a certified English translation of the Authorisation for the transportation of the body, issued by the Mortuary sanitary police or equivalent. You might also need the translation of the Certificate issued by the British Consulate in Spain or France authorising the removal of the body, as well as a Thanatopraxy Certificate including balming details.

If you are leaving Spain or France with human ashes you will need a certified English translation of the death certificate and the certificate of cremation.

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