Birth Certificate Translation Service

I can provide you with a certified translation of your Birth Certificate
in Spanish, French and English.
My translations are accepted by the UK Courts of Law, Border Agency, consulates, and many other organisations and institutions in the UK and abroad.

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Why hire me for your Birth Certificate Translation Service?

I will sign and stamp your documents. I will ensure you get your documents on time and the accuracy and presentation are impeccable.

Birth certificate translation is usually required for:

  • Getting married abroad (e.g. in Mexico)
  • Applying for a passport / VISA
  • Applying for University
  • Applying for work abroad

Do you need a certified translation of your birth certificate?

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French nationality, naturalisation decree and French citizenship

1. A certificate of French nationality has to be issued by a court. It is available to people born outside France who claim filiation, i.e. establish a right to citizenship through a French parent.

2. A naturalisation decree can be issued by a judge or a consul in the case of a foreigner or stateless person marrying a French national.

3. A declaration of the acquisition of French citizenship is something for which foreigners can apply when they have been resident in France for at least five years. As the result of obtaining this, their children too are French.

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Do you need a certified translation? Send your documents to me now at You’ll get a free quote and I will get back to you in less than 24h.

"I've just received the translation of my birth certificate. I'm very impressed by the speed and quality of the service. Thank you." - Paul, London, 1st May 2015.