Process of Certified Legal Translations

Legal Sytems and Terminology

Legal systems and language vary from country to country. France, Spain and England have specific legal guidelines regarding contracts, certificates or text formatting. Therefore, legal translations require a specialised translator that identifies such differences. As a certified translator, I have the training and experience to provide you with the best translation that will help you with your legal process.

Legal Proofreading

As a specialised linguist I can proofread any translated documents. If you have any concerns about the quality of a legal translation, don't hesitate in contacting me. I will make sure your translation is accurate, by correcting errors, omissions and ambiguous terminology to enable you to protect your interests.

Notarized or Certified Translation

In most cases the courts will accept a Certified Translation. This is a translation in which I will include my stamp, my name, company name and address certifying that I completed the translation, that I'm qualified for it and that I'm accountable for it.

Some courts could ask for a notarisation of the translation. This is very unlikely so I don't recommend you this option as this would significantly increase the cost of the translation. However, I can also provide you with a notorized translation if required.

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