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I'm a certified translator, Spanish national and I can provide you with a certified translation from Spanish to English.
My translations are accepted by the UK Courts of Law, Universities, Border Agency, consulates, and many other organisations and institutions in the UK and abroad.

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Itziar Goitia Medina MCIL (Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists)

Spanish certified translator Spanish certified translator

Why hire me for your Certified Translation from Spanish to English?

  • I sign and stamp your documents.
  • I ensure you get your documents on time.
  • The accuracy of the translation is guaranteed.
  • The presentation of your translation will be impeccable.
  • As I work as an independent translator you will not have to pay agency fees.

A certified translation from Spanish to English is usually required for:

  • Getting married
  • Applying for a passport / VISA
  • Applying for University
  • Applying for work abroad

Document types:

Do you need a certified translation for a UK official institution?

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Sample of a certified translation from Spanish to English of a marriage certificate

Spanish Original

Not available.

English Certified Translation


Sample of a certified translation from English to Spanish of an Academic certificate

Spanish Original

certified translation Spanish to English

English Certified Translation

Considering that, according to the provisions and circumstances established by the legislation in force, Ms xxxx, Born the 7th of December 1982 in xxx, of Spanish nationality, has passed the required University studies organized by the Faculty of Health Sciences in agreement with an approved curriculum by the Council of Universities has issued this official University Degree of BACHELOR OF HEALTH SCIENCES Which is valid in all the national territory, which enables the applicant to enjoy the rights that are awarded to this degree by the provisions in force.

Sample of a certified translation from English to Spanish of a Health Certificate for exporting pets

English Original

certified translation Spanish to English

Spanish Certified Translation

IV.Información sanitaria: Yo, el abajofirmante, certifica que: a) el 22 de septiembre de 2014 a las 16h30, no siendo más de 48 horas antes del día propuesto para la exportación el animal fue examinado y se encontró libre de todo signo clínico de infección o enfermedad contagiosa incluyendo moquillo, rabia y parásitos externos y en mi opinión está en condiciones de viajar.

Sample of a legal certified translation from Spanish to English

Spanish Original

Artículo 27. Duración y cómputo en obras póstumas, seudónimas y anónimas. 1. Los derechos de explotación de las obras anónimas o seudónimas a las que se refiere el artículo 6 durarán setenta años desde su divulgación lícita.Cuando antes de cumplirse este plazo fuera conocido el autor, bien porque el seudónimo que ha adoptado no deje dudas sobre su identidad, bien porque el mismo autor la revele, será de aplicación lo dispuesto en el artículo precedente. 2. Los derechos de explotación de las obras que no hayan sido divulgadas lícitamente durarán setenta años desde la creación de éstas, cuando el plazo de protección no sea computado a partir de la muerte o declaración de fallecimiento del autor o autores.

English Certified Translation

Article 27. Duration and Calculation in posthumous, pseudonym and anonymous works. 1. The exploitation rights of the pseudonym and anonymous work to which the article 6 refers to will be extended for seventy years after their licit dissemination. When before the end of this term the author was known either because the pseudonym that they have chosen reveals their identity or because the authors themselves reveal their identity what is exposed in the previous article will be applied. 2. The exploitation rights of the work that had not been disseminated in a licit way will be extended for seventy years from the creation of this work, when the protection term is not calculated from the death or declaration of death of the author or authors.

What's Legal Translation?

In order to understand what legal translation is we need to understand the background to the current discussion on legal translation.

The translation problems can be considered as an analysis of error, working from the premise of the fundamental impossibility of textual translation. This is because the technical legal language is interconnected with the structure of the law.

The translation problems can also be considered as a problem of legal terminology. Legal terms refer to different areas of a legal system; For this reason a technical translation has to describe some aspects of this legal system so that all nuances are covered. So, legal translation is in fact comparative law. A legal translator does not face a linguistic problem of comparing to language systems but they compare two legal systems with their own structure. The relationship between the languages is not so important as the relationship between the two legal systems that these languages represent.

Making legal language uniform at the international level is essential. Some linguists suggest the development of a legal metalanguage to convey legal terms that are defined by national law. We can only attain a complete equivalence between the terms of two legal systems if both legal languages refer to the same legal system, finding an equivalence between two legal systems and not two languages.

If no equivalence can be established an alternative is paraphrasing, the creation of neologisms or a combination of these.

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"I needed a certified translation of my birth certificate from Spanish to English and she did a great job. Thank you." - Laura, London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm applying for a VISA. Will the UK government accept my translation from Spanish to English?

Yes, my translations are accepted by the UK authorities. I have a 100% acceptance rate.

I'm applying for University. Will my University accept my translation from Spanish to English?

Yes, my translations are accepted by the UK universities. So, you can use them in your application process. Translation for Academic purposes

Which are your translation rates?

For a certified translation of a Spanish certificate of marriage, for example, the price is £34.

How do you ensure the quality of your Spanish translations?

I have a wide experience as a Spanish translator and interpreter. Among my clients are the Spanish Autistic Association, Barcelona, Spain for whom I have translated many documents for more than 9 years.

Do you offer Spanish translation services for businesses?

Do you have long-term recurring needs in Spanish translation? Require monthly billing? Send me an email explaining your business needs: info@cltranslations.co.uk

How long will my Spanish/English translation take?

You may receive your translation in as little as 24 hours if you require an urgent translation service. Send me your documents specifying URGENT in the title of your email to request a quote to: info@cltranslations.co.uk

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Clients Feedback

I had to provide to my employer with the translation of 4 official documents from Spanish to English. They were all academic documents that I needed for submission to the Sussex Health Service for a job application. She gave me a quote for the job in less than 3 hours and I had all my documents translated in less than 24 hours. Thank for such a fast service.

Sussex, 22nd January 2015

I needed to get my marriage certificate translated by a certified and registered translator. We were married in Cuba so it needed to be translated from Spanish to English. I only had to attach the certificate and I got a reasonable quote. We were very impressed with the certified translation we received at home. We highly recommend this service. Many thanks.

Hampshire, 4th February 2015